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This is the Help page - Mortgage loan calculation.


Reimbursement in regular monthly payments :

The instalments are the same for the duration of the loan. As the interest drops - since it is levied on the outstanding capital that is constantly decreasing - the share of capital reimbursed every year falls.

Capital to be borrowed : Interest rate :
Number of years :

Monthly payments to be reimbursed :

Capital to be borrowed, without indicating commas (example 1000000)
Interest rate: in percentage (example for a rate of 7%, indicate 7)
Number of years: how many years should the loan last (example: 20)

Formula used : ( i / 12) x C / (1-( 1 + (i / 12) )-12a )
C stands for capital, i stands for the interest rate, a stands for the number of years.

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